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Kay and the Rooster

April 8, 2010

My friend Kayla and I were walking down the street on Wednesday after flying our kite.  There are chickens on the end of our street and we stopped to admire them and their handsome husband.  Now this rooster is the kind that, whenever he is looked at, he puffs up his feathers, stretches his neck, and struts proudly around.  We had turned to go and were walking back while I was in the midst of telling Kayla about how funny he looked when he crowed.  Then he suddenly did.  We looked back at him stretching his neck way up and laughed.  Kayla mimicked him and Mr. Rooster looked at her for a moment and then crowed back.  We thought that was extremely funny so she did it again.  Once again Mr. Rooster crowed back as if to say, “Hey, I can crow louder than you can!  What are you trying to do?  Steal my wives?”  All the way down the street and even in our yard they kept up the conversation.  I think the rooster finally won because rooster’s voices are more adept at “Cockle-doodle-dooing” than girls.  (Kayla was a little hoarse afterwards.) 


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