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April 19, 2010

        I was thinking this morning about how my eyes are attracted to orderly things. I was thinking, “Why is it that orderliness is attractive, beautiful?” I believe that the answer is that God is a God of order. He dispels darkness and confusion,  He is the Creator and men are made in His image. We are like Him.  

        I have been reading to Hannah and Abby from Exodus. I was reading about God’s instructions for constructing  the tabernacle and the furniture and other items for the tabernacle. I didn’t know how interested the girls were or how much they were listening. Suddenly Abby cried out, “God loves beautiful things! He is good and He loves us!” Wow! That just about sums it up.

Wonderful Maker Lyrics

You spread out the skies over empty space
Said, let there be light
To a dark and formless world
Your light was born

You spread out your arms over empty hearts
Said, let there be light
To a dark and hopeless world
Your son was born

You made the world and saw that it was good
You sent your only son, for you are good

What a wonderful maker
What a wonderful savior
How majestic your whispers
And how humble your love
With a strength like no other
And the heart of a father
How majestic your whispers
What a wonderful God

No eye has fully seen how beautiful the cross
And we have only heard the faintest whispers
Of how great you are

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