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Getting Ready

April 24, 2010

Well! We are almost ready. The past two days have been absolutely beautiful. We have not been able to be outside that much to enjoy the weather because of all of the preparation, but we are close to being ready for the packers to be here on Monday.  The kids have been a big help. Moving is hard. Chris blessed Abby by mending her blankie this morning. We learned that one of her “love languages” is definitely “acts of service” as you will see by the photos of her happily snuggling her Daddy after he fixed her blanket.  We did enjoy eating our supper outside under the blossoming plum tree and I took a little time to do some gardening too.    I planted some radishes and beet greens and transplanted some herbs and forget-me-nots. I have been enjoying the pink tulips that I planted last fall. Our strawberry plants are blossoming; we hope to have some berries before we leave the house on the 15th of June.  I hope you enjoy the slide show! 

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  1. Chris permalink
    April 24, 2010 9:50 pm

    You’re a really good blogger…and cute too!

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