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A few Details of our Days in Italy

May 9, 2010

Well we’re back at our house, not quite home anymore. We tired. Chris did a great job with all the driving. I’ll post some photos soon, we’ve got lots to share. I wanted to let you know what our week looked like, so here ’tis.

Saturday-Drove to Switzerland, stayed in a nice apartment. Sunday-Drove to Camp Darby. Monday-went to beach at Tirrenia, about 7 minutes from the base. Tuesday-Went to Pisa, Vinci, and Montelupo. Wednesday-Cinque Terre Thursday-San Gimignano and Volterra Friday-packed and went to the cold and windy beach again.Saturday-drove home, 12 hours. Phew! We had lots of rain, only one day of sun, but we’ve vacationed in Dunoon, Scotland.  😉  So, we were prepared with our umbrellas and rain coats. 🙂 We had a good time and especially enjoyed San Gimignano. I’ll try to post some more photos soon.

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