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June 10, 2010

We’ll be moving to the base on Tuesday after the movers come for the unaccompanied plane baggage and the base loaner furniture and appliances have been picked up. We’ll have the water and electric meters read and settle up with Frank and give him the keys. Chris has the day off tomorrow and is taking part of Monday off too to get ready.
We still have lots of things to sell and get rid of, including Chris’ vehicle. Had some nibbles, but no serious inquiries yet. Lots of cleaning and last minute details left.
We have decided to take an “overflow” house on base at Kirtland. We can move in almost immediately, we are thinking around July 6th, and have our things delivered there. We plan on unpacking the bare essentials, if possible, because we will have to move ourselves to the other house. We will wait in the overflow house until another house is open for us. They say it will be 3-6 months. On Tuesday we  were offered 3 different houses, 2 that were newer and duplexes and one older stand alone. We choose the older one.  It is an house for young enlisted members and is smaller than the other two, but it is a single home and will afford us a little move privacy than the duplexes. It is nearly directly behind the Bx and the commissary. That will be beneficial in some ways, especially if we decide to have only one vehicle for a while.
I am hoping to be able to make our plans to go to Maine soon after we get to Albuquerque. We found tickets into Bangor, 15 August – 1 September for a decent price. I am praying for Bangor, it would be the most relaxing option. 
I hope that you are enjoying the photos.

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