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21 June 2010

June 22, 2010

86th Munitions Squadron



Monday/21 June 2010 at 0900

Bldg 2694, 86 MUNS, Ramstein AB, Germany

PRESIDING OFFICER:     Col. Kel Burns                          

INCOMING COMMANDER:    Maj Kenneth Benton                  

OUTGOING COMMANDER:   Maj Christopher Lane               

GUIDON BEARER:     MSgt Thaddeus Gravely                                    

COMMANDER OF TROOPS:   Capt Luke Stover                       

NARRATOR:    TSgt Matthew Hose                                                    

PROFFER:  SSgt Daniel Sweebey                

NATIONAL ANTHEMS:     Emily Benton

CHAPLAIN:   SMSgt William Sweeney

Uniform:  Ceremony Participants – Service Dress Attendees – UOD

0845:  Commander of Troops will form the squadron on the final line at Parade Rest

0850:  Personnel with special functions will take their positions

0858:  Narrator asks guests to be seated.

0900:  Ceremony begins

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