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Update from Ramstein 23 June

June 23, 2010

Chris Lane with a special “guest blog” report…this just in…

Our travel itinerary for today has changed slightly.  Our flight will be leaving 3 hours later than originally thought.  Fortunately the Lord put it on our hearts to pay for an extra day for our room, so we can stay here until dinner time and relax.  The schedule for the next 2 days is as follows:

23 June 0830–we checked in our bags and ourselves for our flight.  Our report time is 2040 tonight.

1200–lunch scheduled with our friends the Boyers at the German Kantine.  I’m sure crying will commence.

1800–Turn in Rental vehicle and get some dinner

2000–turn up at PAX terminal to see what’s going on

2040–boarding begins

2200–take off time (approximately a 9 hour flight)

24 June

0100 (eastern standard time)–Arrive at BWI, get bags, call for ride to hotel

0200–collapse into bed

0700–rise and shine…shower, shave, breakfast

0815–take shuttle to airport

0830–check in at United Airlines counter

0954–aircraft take off time

1118–arrive at Denver airport, wander around in a stupor, get some lunch

1518–aircraft take off time for Albuquerque

1636–arrive at Albuquerque airport

1730–bags, rental vehicle, etc, head to hotel (Courtyard Albuquerque Airport)

1830–get something to eat

2000–collapse into bed

This is a tentative schedule, but hopefully it will be pretty close.

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