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Its a small Air Force–Funny and true story

June 27, 2010

Another “guest blog” by Chris

First day at work on Friday and I was in the commander’s office talking to his secretary.  She was asking me several questions including the names of my family members and what my “go by name” is.  That’s Air Force lingo for nickname.  Some people, usually pilots, go by things such as “Blade” or “Luthor” or other such warrior names.  I told her that I just go by “Chris.”  Suddenly, my former squadron commander from Turkey (Colonel “V”) shows up in the doorway with a big grin.  I go to shake his hand and he brushes it aside and gives me a big hug in front of the directorate commander’s secretary, my sponsor and the commander’s executive officer.  In a loud voice he says, “How’s it going Stud?!”  The secretary asks, “Did he just call you Spud?”  I stammered in with a very red face, “Um, no, he said Stud.”  She replies, “But I thought you didn’t have a go by name.”  I said, “I don’t, just Chris is fine.”  Colonel “V” then goes on to tell everyone how I’m a hero and that I crashed through a window to save a persons life when we were in Turkey.  Well, his story was true, to some degree, but he embellished it quite a bit.  Anyway, that’s the first time I’ve been hugged by a Full Bird Colonel and the first time a Full Bird Colonel has ever called me “Stud.”  It is definitely a small Air Force and a place that continues to surprise me.

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