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July 1-looking

July 1, 2010

I am trying not to get frustrated with the base housing contractor. It’s a long story, but the lady that we have been dealing with since we’ve been here was either fired or quit yesterday. The lady that we had been talking to while we were in Germany is handling  us again. Chris talked with her yesterday and made arrangements to look at a model duplex today. After they talked the lady sent Chris an email yesterday saying she needed him to contact her about making arrangements, saying that she hadn’t heard from him in a while and that she had been out of the office for a few weeks. She didn’t know who she had been talking to/emailing! Sigh. Anyway, there have been a series of emails and interactions that lead me to think this is not a well-run operation. God can use this too, so I am purposing to trust Him and to be kind to these people despite the circumstances. 

Also, we are not allowed to look at the base house (the little stand-alone one located behind the Bx) that we were going to take and they don’t have a model of that type to look at either. The house is empty (don’t ask me why we can’t look in it) so Chris and I went and walked around the outside of it and looked through the windows a couple of days ago. I think that it’s about the same size as the 3 bedroom TLF apartment that we are currently in. The house is not within easy walking distance of Chris’ work and the yard a mess and is not private. So we have decided not to take that one.

So, we have an appointment to look at a different type of on-base house today at 3. We have decided to look at the newer duplex because they are a little larger that the stand-alone house. We can look inside a model before signing a contract. We are also hoping that we will get offered one that will be close to Chris’ work. The one we’ll be looking at is a model of the style of house that we are considering taking, but not the one.  Also, the model has 3 bedrooms, but the one we would be taking has 4.  It is overflow housing (there are 193 of these particular 4brm units for junior enlisted personnel (E1-E6). As opposed to 13 of the 4 bdrm  O4-O5 houses. It is 1596 sq. ft as opposed to 1740 sq. ft. Both sizes will take some getting used to. We are thinking of selling quite a bit of furniture and maybe putting some things in storage.

We don’t know how long we’d be in the house. I am hoping to get some information about the time estimate today. Maybe a year?

I’ll try to update later today.

Exodus 15:13
       In your unfailing love you will lead
       the people you have redeemed.
       In your strength you will guide them
       to your holy dwelling.

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  1. Patricia M Thibodeau permalink
    July 1, 2010 9:14 pm

    A news segment a few minutes ago focused on the continuing steady sales of houses in foreclosure. Is this an option in Albuquerque?

  2. pat lane (mom) permalink
    July 2, 2010 3:30 pm

    Wanna borrow our fifth wheel? And a tent? It sure sounds like bureaucracy in action, or rather, inaction.
    Makes me say, “I Can’t WAIT for the new national health care plan to kick in!!!!!! And I am sooo excited about the government takeover of our banking system!”
    But, really, and happily enough, the way bureaucracy works we probably won’t be around to see the wonderful results of socialization. The wheels just turn too slowly. THANK GOD (as the atheist said on the Howie Carr show when asked if he was FORCED to believe in God) ” NO, thank God” he replied. …..really happened.
    We are praying to the Real God who can circumvent all man’s bureaucracy for you to have the perfect place.

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