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July 5, 2010

See full size image So, we are waiting…………

Chris filled out the application to lease the house in Edgewood. We brought it to the owners on Saturday. They said that they’d let us know on Monday or Tuesday. We are excited about the house. It’s sounds like they might like to rent it to us, but we don’t know for certain.

We went to the Calvary Chapel in Edgewood today and enjoyed that. It is hard to start over. We miss our Calvary family in Germany. Change is, well, difficult. I actually hate change, but you probably already know that about me! Anyway, we miss Pastor David and Peggy a lot.We miss our friends, miss singing worship songs in German, miss the familiar and predictable unpredictability of our church-in-a-box. Sigh. I am tired of adjusting, feeling uncomfortable, newness, but I suppose that this producing some good things in our lives. Why is it that growth is sooooo painful? Worship with a country twang?! Hmmm, more adjusting. Different. Not bad. Difference is not bad. Differences are NOT bad. Sigh. Wow, I’m a creature of habit. No wonder the Lord is using the Air Force as a shoe horn in my life!! Or should I say “boot” horn? I could go on, but I won’t. 

Now for the silver lining.  Calvary Chapel East Mountain is less than two miles from the house we’d like to rent. We met another active duty Air Force family there. They home school too. We were told that there are quite a few home schoolers there and that they have a good co-op for the surrounding area too.

We definitely want to be where God wants us. We continue to pray that He will direct our steps.

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