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Update-July 26th

July 26, 2010

We are all still very tired, but very thankful for this place that God has provided for us. We are going to Maine on Tuesday and will be there until the 11th. The drive to the airport will be a little longer from here, but we can just leave all our stuff right where it is. That will be really good.
We have decided to rent a camp on Cold Stream Pond, the lake that Chris’ parents live by. You can look it up on Google Earth. Cold Stream Pond, Enfield, Maine. We found out that there is one available for us to rent for the two weeks that we are going to be there. Chris’ Great Aunt Gerry and her family have been renting it this past week. They rented it last year too. It has three bedrooms.  Hopefully it works well for us and maybe we’ll be able to rent it next summer too. Anyway, that will be our base and we hope that it will be easier and move relaxing than moving around. We will be able to have the freedom to sleep there or spend the night at my parents’ house or at Chris’ parents’ house as circumstances allow. We have mixed feelings about this. It won’t be the same, but I hope that it will be more relaxing all around. This way we can have company at “our place” and go swimming there if we want to. We have talked about letting the kids spend a night away, but have not talked about the details of where and when. 
We are tired of travelling. Please pray that we have a relaxed, restful and blessed time.

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