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Update-August 19

August 19, 2010
It’s been busy around here. We got back from Maine late on Wednesday evening-the 11th. I’ll try to post some photos of our trip. I did laundry in our landlord’s machines on Thursday. Friday we cleaned the apartment.
Our landlords, the Niclas family, didn’t move out until Sunday evening. They are now renting another house, but had some problems with the previous tenants of the house. Those tenants were still in the house. The Niclases were supposed to be able to move in on Friday, then Saturday, and that turned into Sunday. They had rented a U-haul truck and had it all loaded on Friday night. There was nowhere to put the stuff and they had more to go into it. So Chris, along with a small crew of our landlords’ friends, helped them load a few other trucks and trailers on Saturday. I helped shampoo carpets and make supper. The crew made a trip to the house on Sunday morning, unloaded where they could and then came back to load up again in the late afternoon. Their new house was still partially occupied so they had to put some of their things outside, undercover as best they could. The garage has things in it belonging to their landlords and the previous tenants-what a mess! We were able to help them finish packing up, loading trucks and cleaning the house on Sunday evening.  Chris and I walked around our new house at about 9:30 to talk about furniture placement and other delivery plans. Phew!
So things are kind of messy here-the household goods (HHGs) got delivered on Monday (15 crates?), along with the non-temp storage stuff. Our second shipment- small HHG #2 was delivered yesterday. 2 1/2 crates. Not a lot of damage so far. I worked on unpacking the kitchen on Tuesday and Wednesday, slow going because I was feeling pretty yucky with the flu. Now there are all the books, clothing, decorations, paintings, photos, DVDs, CDs, software, bedding and linens to unpack. 🙂 Everything needs to be sorted and put away or hung on the walls. Wow! Too much stuff! Have I mentioned how little I like moving?! Maybe only two more moves?!
On top of all that craziness, Sarah came down with the flu two days after we got back from Maine. Chris and I came down with it on Monday. Ian and Abby got it too, but not too bad-mostly just a cold. Hannah seems to be fighting it off.
We are thinking about participating in the local HS co-op. It’s held at the Calvary Chapel here, but for all area HSers. It’s going to be held on Friday afternoons from 1-4ish I think. The church is about 3 minutes from our house. The orientation is on 3 Sept and the first classes will be on the 10th.  Art, Spanish and PE are being offered for the older kids. Abby and Hannah will have some similar things-maybe music and sign language too. Not sure what else. There is also a choir on Thursday afternoons, but that is probably too much to bite off.
We really like our house and the location. It is beautiful here. We think we know where our Christmas Tree will go. Most of the furniture has been placed where it will stay, at least for a while!
We need to set up a land-line telephone, we still have just the one cell. I have that here with me. I am not really happy with our internet. I’m going to see if there are any other options. We have a limit to the amount of MB that we can upload/download a month. So that is discouraging me from doing the blog.
I still have not placed my school order-I think I’ll do that today! I have to find all of the books that I already have for K-2 and grade 6 anyway, so not having the others isn’t a big deal right now.
We were putting together the shrank with the mirror on Wednesday – the one from the front parlor in Germany. I let go of the mirrored door. Chris was making some adjustments,  the door came off, and I tried to catch it with my leg. Ouch! It must weigh 40 pounds. Now I  have a bruised calf and a cut and sore ankle. The corner of the door made a hole in the wall too. I could barely walk. I should have iced my ankle, but I didn’t pay much attention to it until I went to take off my sneakers at night. It really hurts. I can’t drive safely and tomorrow is Abby’s birthday, so Chris will have to do the shopping for that.  
I’d better go and send my list to him.
If you want to Skype I’ll give you a tour.
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