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Books, Messes, Brown grass, My Birthday and Balloons – September 2010

September 29, 2010
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School is going pretty well. I just finished reading Quo Vadis. Pretty good book – PG-13 in some places, uncomfortably embarrassing for me. I am going to read part of Flames of Rome today – for Sarah’s writing assignment. Trying not to get too irritated about the 3 writing assignments that are tied to the book! Chris says that we could just skip them altogether-I have a tough time with that though. Box checker that I am. This week’s assignment is supposed to be a position paper in which Sarah defends herself against false accusations. 🙂 Hmmmm!?

Chris and I cleaned the garage this past weekend. We are getting more settled in, but wow I am so tired of moving. This has been the longest, most drawn out one yet. Or maybe I’m just more tired of it all than ever before.  I was in tears this weekend. Everywhere I turned there was someone’s CRAP! I’d be doing chores or organizing/moving in and turn around to find messes. I’ve been trying to nip the messiness of Hannah and Abby in the bud. They have been making a lot of messes. I had all the toy kitchen things set up in the small garage-put those away this weekend. They are now grounded from playing in there. I took a basketful of things out of their room yesterday, after I told them to pick up and they continued to play. I told them that I am not talking about it anymore. They are going to keep track of their things and if not then I’ll pick them up myself and they won’t get them back unless they earn them back by taking care of their other things. So, either they’ll lose all their stuff and there won’t be any messes or they’ll keep their things picked up! I’m fed up! I think that they have too much stuff and too much freedom. Also, having the house on one level encourages the creepy-crawly-ooze of their things throughout the house. They had messes everywhere this weekend-happened over a period of time. They played with the moving boxes in the big garage, with Ian, while Chris was gone. They have been playing in the small garage and dragging baby doll stuff out there-to cook for the babies in the “kitchen.” Saturday morning they got up and dragged things into the family room and messed that all up. Then they had a mess in their room and are also constantly bringing things into the livingroom too. Ugh! Anyway, I think that they are old enough now so that they can pick up after themselves and if I have to do it then whatever it is will “go away.” Also, the church is having a yard sale on the 9th, so maybe some of our things will end up there. 🙂

We have a busy weekend planned. “The Kry” and Skip Heitzig are going to be at the church on Friday night for the 10th anniversary of the church. Evan Wickham will be there on Saturday night. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta starts this weekend too.

We are having “Exceptionally and Unseasonably Warm Weather.” “EUWW!” In the 80’s! And no rain (or scattered rain showers) for weeks…….I think that it’s rained 3-4 times at our house in 7 weeks! I am so tired of SUN!  I know, I know! 😉 Trying to be content here, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence/world. (Like in Maine Germany or Scotland?) Anyway, it’s definitely browner here!

I had a really nice birthday-my dad painted a wonderful painting for me. I’ll try to take a panoramic photo of it with my new RED camera that Chris bought for me. (Yes, the painting is THAT big!) I’ll see if I can get it on the blog soon. Will hopefully also put some Balloon Fiesta pics up here after this weekend too!

Here’s a video of Evan Wickham singing “Everywhere”: – great song and his boys are really cute!

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