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Ahhhhh Dunoon! – My mother’s home town

September 29, 2010
Dunoon Pier

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Chris and the kids and I were in Scotland last year at this time. What a great birthday present! It was so relaxing, beautiful and RAINY! Ahhhhhh! How nice! 🙂 It’s 85 degrees fahrenheit (29.4 C) on my back patio right now and will probably reach 90 F (32.2C) before the sun is behind the hills. Oh well! Maybe the Lord will send us some rain soon!?

My mother sent me this link with video of Dunoon today. I’m going on “vacation” again, want to “join” me?

Come along:

We know the American man in the video, Shawn Lewis.  He’s the Calvary Chapel Pastor in Dunoon. We went to church there, at the Primary School, last year on my birthday. Small world! 🙂 I see that they are now meeting at the Craigen Hotel on Sunday morning for worship. We really enjoyed getting to meet Shawn and Mhairi and their sons and are thankful for their hearts for the people of Dunoon.

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