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My Room – by Ian

November 8, 2010

Two views of Ian’s room:

The sun shines dimly on this dismal world and the rain pounds menacingly on the window. The Playmobil lay dead on the battlefield, their arms scattered around them. The once strong castles lay in heaps of rubble. My bed is a mess, the blankets are in heaps. My toys lay in jumbled piles all over my room. My closet is in total disorder. My clothes lay wrinkled on the floor, the coat hangers still in them. My bookshelf looks like a bomb blew up, the books are scattered everywhere with their pages ripped and scribbled on with marker. My drawers look like they are full of soldiers after an air raid. My decorations lay scattered all over the place. My room is a dismal place to be when it’s a mess.

The sun shines in on this happy world, the Playmobil stand ready for battle. The castles stand proud and erect, their banners shining in the morning sun. My bed stands like a mountain plain, flat with one end sloping upwards. All my toys lay in their bins, looking like eager fans waiting for the battle in the area to begin. My closet is all in order. My clothes hang clean and smooth from their coat-hangers. All my books lay neatly in my bookshelf, waiting to be read. My other clothes stand up orderly in their drawers, looking like soldiers waiting for their orders. My decorations lay in neat array,all over my bookshelf and dresser. My room is a happy place to be when everything is neat.

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