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Mr. Demme

October 27, 2011

We had a great time at Glorieta Conference Center this past weekend! Below is a photo of our favorite math teacher, founder of Math-U-See, Mr. Demme and 4 of his most adoring fans. He is soooooo cool, fun and encouraging. We think that he’s something like Elvis, Larry the Cucumber and one of the 12 disciples all wrapped up into one stupendous Pastor/Math Teacher/Mentor! We love Mr. Demme!

It was a strange feeling to meet a man that has been “part of our family” since Sarah was 6 years old. Even though we’d never met, we felt like we knew him, but of course he did not know us. I’m sure that he encounters this situation all the time. Mr. Demme has been “with us” since we lived in Turkey and has travelled the world with Homeschool Lane. He has been a great travelling companion. We were so excited to meet him.

Mr. Demme, Steve, is an excellent math teacher, but that is not the subject on which he spoke this past weekend. He talked about the “GIANTS” that are faced by home school mothers, fathers and families. He shared from his heart about his and his wife’s home schooling days with their 4 boys. He shared about what they are all doing now. Mostly, he shared about his desire to become more like Jesus every day. It was a really good weekend.

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