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Military Family Lifestyle Survey‏

December 2, 2011

Today I received a survey from “Blue Star Families” entitled the Military Family Lifestyle Survey‏. It contained a lot of the typical questions concerning deployments, mental health and child care. The survey ended with a open-ended question. Basically it was this: What program/partnerships can do the most good for military families?

I managed to lose my comments after I copied them from the survey. I can’t remember my exact response to the question, but here’s the general idea:

screeeeeeech…….. uh, oops, sorry, that was the sound of me dragging my soapbox over….just a sec, I need my bottle of water….o.k……


I believe that until the spiritual needs of the military are given priority we will continue to see a decrease in moral and an increase in suicides. Ignoring the soul of the servicemen and women has had and will to continue to have dire consequences. The DOD would do well to encourage NGO faith-based organizations to be more involved with military members and their families, not less. Considering recent events however, I am afraid they will not do so. I can, in particular, point out two. The controversy over the Air Force Academy’s involvement with Operation Christmas Child and the cancellation of the “Christian Just War Theory” class taught by chaplains at Vandenberg Air Force  Base, California come to mind.

I do not believe that we should force religious indoctrination on our military. At the same time, we should not eliminate the members’ freedom and opportunity to explore, practice and grow in their faith. State enforced NON-religious indoctrination is just as unacceptable as state sponsored religion. I believe that we should be encouraging military members to do things that are good for their souls. This will be for the ultimate good of the military, their families, our country and dare I say it? The world? Or do we want a soulless military without a moral compass gallivanting all over the place? Can that be good? I say not!

Shall we continue to encourage this schizophrenic soulless soldier to wander the world like an automaton? When the wounded wayfarer comes to the end of himself and discovers that his mind, body and soul are inextricably intertwined, what should we say? Sorry! We can’t address spiritual issues in your training? How about,“In an effort to serve all faiths, we try to introduce none in our briefings and our lectures?” Or, “Everyone in the military takes an oath to support and defend, protect and  preserve this United States Constitution, which absolutely separates church and state?” “Your body belongs to the state.” “Your mind too.”  “You need to separate your church-soul from the rest of you!?”

Melissa now needs to step off her soapbox to go and tend the fire. Her husband is out of the country supporting and defending, protecting and preserving the United States Constitution with his body, mind and soul firmly joined.

Thank you for “listening.”

Just one more thing. I especially like what David French, senior counsel at the American  Center for Law and Justice, said about the Just-War theory class:

“There is no violation of the Constitution. Just-War theory has been a vital part of American military history for the last  several hundred years,” French said, dismissing the complaints as what he called “another attempt to cleanse American history of its religious realities.”

“It’s about cleansing religion from the public  square and building a completely secular society and military, said French.  Commander Daniel McKay, a retired U.S. Navy Chaplain, agreed, telling Fox News  Radio he was deeply concerned by the military’s decision.

“Why is it inappropriate to give our people  guidelines that have withstood the test of time – to give us moral guidance,” McKay asked. “I think there are certain segments within our society who are  making concerted efforts to take us away from our Judeo-Christian values,  principles and morals,” he said.

“History will prove that if you stay true to God’s  wisdom, it will serve us well and it has served us well.” McKay said it’s  possible that parts of the military are trying to play “all sides of the fence – trying to take a middle-of-the-road approach.”

That, he said, is a mistake. “If you stay in the middle of the road, you become road kill,” McKay said, urging the military to stay true to what the Founders  established.

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