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Beautiful Lasagna

October 20, 2016

slide1We had some delicious lasagna the other night. I used some roasted veggie slices as a partial noodle substitute to add color, flavor and nutrition to the dish. This recipe was inspired by a variety of different lasagnas that my family and I have eaten over the years. I’ve had lasagna in many different places. My lasagna-eating-adventure started in my mother’s kitchen (homemade sauce and all) and moved on to many other places. Lasagna is one of my father’s favorite foods. I really don’t eat it often, but I have tried it in lots of locations. I’ve eaten lasagna in Italy (even in those autostrade places!), Germany, maybe Belgium(?), probably some other places that I’ve forgotten (Turkey?) and in the kitchen of my sister & brother-in-law, Allison & Zech. The butternut squash is in this lasagna because of Allison & Zech’s recipe and also because we harvested some from our garden this week. The squash were about the only thing that survived this summer. It was a disappointing harvest, but the squash are delicious.

I cooked the lasagna in a large, oval French/Dutch Oven. It’s a large pan and we have more than enough for leftovers for an easy meal this weekend.

Ingredients – all approximations – I did not follow a recipe or really pay attention to amounts. Sorry.

1 large Butternut squash – peeled & sliced lengthwise – roasted with olive oil until tender

4 Medium Zucchini – sliced lengthwise – roasted with olive oil until tender

3 or 4 medium Eggplant – peeled & sliced lengthwise – roasted with olive oil until tender

8 cups fresh spinach – braised with fresh garlic & olive oil

2 lbs. organic Italian-style turkey sausage – browned

6 cups mixture of cheeses (+ egg) of your choice – ricotta/cottage cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano + herbs/spices of your choice

3 cups shredded Mozzarella

6 cups of your favorite homemade meatless red pasta sauce

1 package of lasagna noodles

Assemble (& cook) the lasagna as you normally would. Remember to substitute 1 type of the sliced and roasted vegetable slices as noodles.slide2I ended up with only 3 layers of noodles (bottom, very middle and top) and very thick lasagna. I’ve made pasta-less lasagna before and this recipe would work well without the noodles.

Thanks for stopping by!
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