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The Shepherd’s Joy

December 24, 2016

April2010 096The Shepherd’s Joy
A Christmas Poem
by Chris Lane

Death, darkness, fear and shame
No one, nothing else to blame
He brought it on himself he fears
With choices that now draw these tears

Heaven’s help is what he needs
To overcome his dire deeds
Alas he bows with heavy heart
And trembles from the devil’s art

For loneliness and a sinner’s brand
Are Hades’ power and heavy hand
Locking him in desperate straights
His heart is aching; his prison waits

What can free him from this doom?
And cast a floodlight on his gloom?
Where are the heroes, the happy ending?
Who will his broken heart be mending?

But, look, upon that barren hill
With flocks of sheep and shepherds still
The quiet of the night is broken
With brilliant light and hope that’s spoken

A heavenly host in the sky appears
The shepherds shake, their spirits’ fear
An angel speaks, his words bring joy
The answer is a baby Boy!

With visions of the hosts’ rejoicing
Shouting songs and praises voicing
Glory to God, to men good will
The shepherd runs on down that hill

Bethlehem’s lights are far away
But on this night he will not stay
Out in the darkness and the gloom
When heaven’s Son came from the womb

In a stable with a manger
He finds salvation from sin’s danger
This Child of Hope, this Christ the Lord
To escape death, he must run toward

For on this fledgling Christmas day
Among the shepherds and the hay
The fabric of the world is torn
The Savior of the world is born

His heart is filling up his chest
His throat is dry, he cannot rest
He sees the Babe, now fully grown
With bloodied back and hears Him moan

Carrying a cross, the crowd presses in
The devil thinks he has the win
He hangs upon that awful tree
Bleeds out His blood to set men free

Then the darkness and the graveslide1_edited-1
It seems Himself He cannot save
But what is this, could it be true?
The grave clothes empty, the tomb is too?

The shepherd saw that Babe and praised
And now he sees the Savior raised
Up from the grave to conquer death
It all makes sense, it takes his breath

No more darkness, fear or shame
Because this Christ took all the blame
He broke the chains of death and sin
To change their lives who let Him in

So, keep in mind this Christmas day
He started in a manger’s hay
To buy you back when you were lost
A priceless gift, at countless costslide1












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